CMOS Synthesizers and Circuit Bending.

Welcome to Just Say Noise! This site was created to display the electronic noisemakers and other lo-fi home-made devices I have built. Here you will find information and videos about my CMOS based synths (or Cynths as I like to call them), circuit bent electronics, contact mic instruments and various other strange instruments.

I've always been a curious person and a creator of things. As a musician, I have forged an intimate relationship with sound, both musical and noise, both acoustic and electronic. When I stumbled onto the fun art of building electronic noisemakers and circuit bending in 2010, it seemed like the perfect world for my curiosity to explore. While researching a different topic at the library I, by chance, found a book titled Handmade Electronic Music. I was immediately hooked and read the entire book cover to cover. I highly recommend it for anyone who wants to get into building synths. Another great resource  is Its a massive knowledge base and a huge inspiration for synth builders.

To hear some of my noisemakers in action, check out the project Cosmonox. Its a music duo
 using analog sampling devices, tape decks, drum machines and home-made synthesizers.
More videos of my noisemakers can be found on the Just Say Noise! Youtube channel. I hope this site and my creations inspire you to be curious, build something and make some noise!

                                                                                                      -Jason Ferris