Two String Prepared Guitar

Dinner Party

Brick House Music Box


This is a collection of various handmade noisemakers and experimental performances. Here you will find contact mic instruments, prepared guitar, Cynth madness and creepy videos.

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Two creepers in a tent use flashlights and a 70's table lamp to brutalize multiple light sensitive Cynths. Instruments built by Jason Ferris. Video: Craig Hennecke.

The Glassaphone is a Piezo contact microphone instrument. It utilizes six wine glasses mounted to a wood base. Rubbing the rim of the wine glass produces the familiar bell like tone we have all heard. The vibrations of these tones travel down the glass, through the wood base and into the contact mic, which converts the vibrations into sound via an amplifier. Different notes can be produced by filling the glasses with varying amounts of liquid. For this video I added a delay effect for a more rhythmic feel. Since the contact mic picks up vibrations, you can hear me tapping and scratching the wood base in rhythm with the delay to produce a simple beat. Video: Frank Freeman.


Further and Beyond

Noise jam featuring the Brick House Cynth and the Music Box. The Brick House has distortion, octave, phase locked loop and voltage starve. The Music Box consists of several wind up music box units that can be played simultaneously or started and stopped independently. In order to deconstruct the recognizable melodies these music boxes usually come with, I altered the comb on each music box by bending random metal tines out of the way of the drum, essentially removing that note from the melody. This broke up the recognizable melodies, especially when playing more than one music box at once, and opened a door to new random compositions. Both units are fed through an analog delay effect.

Someone gave me an old beat up generic guitar which was basically beyond repair. The action was a mile high, the neck was bent and some of the electronics were shorted, but it looked really cool so I had to make use of it. I decided to take a whack at creating a Prepared Guitar, which is a guitar altered by placing various objects on or between the instrument's strings. A block of wood and a pencil later and whalla! the Two String Prepared Guitar was born. Using a bow and bending the strings in different places around the wood bridge creates eerie, whale and Godzilla like sounds. I play it through delay in this improv performance. Video: Frank Freeman.

Titans of Siren

Four creepers enjoy forced casual conversation over a delicious electronic platter. Homemade ingredients built and played by Jason Ferris. Craig Hennecke sliced and diced the Korg Kaoss pad and Alesis Air FX. Video: Craig Hennecke.

An improv jam featuring the Dub Step Arcade and the Dub Siren. Double dub madness!! Backing track by Cosmonox. Video: Mike Castain.